What is Crazy Horse World Classifieds?

Crazy Horse World Classifieds is a 100% free classified ads platform developed solely to cater for the Equine world. We are UK based, not riddled with annoying pop-up ads and actively work to take down any spam postings.

How do I place an advert?

Simply press the "Publish your ad for free" button and register for an account if you haven't already.

How do I get in touch with you?

There is a contact button at the top and bottom of every page

There is an advert that seems too good to be true, I reckon it could be fake, what should I do?

If there is an advert you think might be spam or a scam, on the right side of the advert at the top you will see a drop down box saying "Mark as..." and pick spam from the list. This can also be used if you find an advert offensive or similar.

What do I do if I have a reply off someone who seems pushy or similar?

If someone replies to your advert but you get a vibe that they are untrustworthy, then don't reply to the message. You can also contact us and we will look into it.

What are the latest listings shown at the bottom of the page?

These are are a selection of listings that were posted recently.

What are the latest listings shown at the bottom of the page?

These are are a selection of listings that were posted recently.

What is the "Popular in Crazy Horse World classifieds" at the bottom of the home page?

These are are a selection of the most frequently searched for listings.

What is the "related listings" at the bottom of the advert?

These are are a selection of listings that the site thinks are similar to the listing you are currently looking at.

What scams should I look put for?

Classified websites are a great way to buy or sell just about anything. Unfortunately, from time to time all classified websites will suffer from their fair share of scam attempts. Here is a short list of the types of scams to look out for to help make you more aware so that you can protect yourself from falling victim to any of these yourself.

These scams aren't limited to Crazy Horse World Classifieds, but are found on classified websites of any nature - and sometimes even offline as well in the real world.

- Horses / vehicles that are not the owners to sell

Make sure you do your research before handing over cash for a horse or vehicle - check any registration documents, passports or vaccination certificates to make sure that the horse is in the owners name. Always ask the seller to see their ID as well, and make sure the address on the passport matches the address on the sellers driving license. If you are looking to buy a vehicle, ask them for the registration number. There is a free way you can check if a vehicle is stolen - Go to the Autotrader website and try and list the vehicle for sale using its registration number. If it lets you continue then the car isn't reported as stolen but if it says that you need to ring their customer services then it has been flagged as stolen, scrapped or written off.

- Overpayment scams

Some scammers will message you as a "potential buyer" and will offer to buy the item or horse you have listed and issue a cheque or bankers draft of a higher value than your item or horse is worth. They often tell you to give the excess funds to their shipper / courier (who is usually non-existent, made up or English isn't their primary language so you can't ask them if this deal is legit) or to return the excess to them via a money transfer. The bankers draft will be a fake and in a couple of weeks will bounce, but in the meantime you've handed over money to their shipper / courier and they have your money and maybe even your item or horse. These scammers are usually from overseas and won't have even seen your horse in person before agreeing to buy it. Buying small items and having them posted to you unseen is usually the norm, but for expensive items like horses or vehicles, if they haven't arranged to meet in person, it is probably a scam.

- The horse / vehicle not being as advertised

Make sure you see the horse or vehicle in person before you buy and again do your research! Don't forget, if you have access to a smartphone, you can also do research whilst you are at viewing the horse or vehicle. If buying a vehicle, use the registration number and check the MOT history on Direct Gov here - You can then check the mileage and check for any advisories that might need repairing in the future (if it had any advisories on the last MOT, you can also ask if these have been fixed. This will also make the seller think you know a bit about vehicles so are less likely to try and pull the wool over your eyes)

- Listings that don't exist

It doesn't happen often but sometimes scammers list items for sale at bargain prices that they don't even have. They will then ask you to send them a deposit, and as secure as it is, they will usually ask you do this via PayPal. They will ask you to send it as a payment to "friends or family" rather than "payment for services" and claim its to avoid paying PayPal fees. The issue with this is, you cannot get the money back if they are lying since you told PayPal that you were friends. If the price seems a steal (such as a brand new horse box for £30,000 when they are up for sale elsewhere at £100,000) don't do it!


The number one priority is to trust your gut and use your common sense. If you have your doubts about anything, something's probably wrong with the deal, so don't risk it!

What if there is no catergory for what I want to list?

Get in touch with us and we will see if we can add it!

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